Current List:
Philip Glass - Concerto for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra
Jean Francaix – Petite Quatuor
Gyorgy Ligeti – Sechs Bagatellen
Mingus/Homzy, ed. Miglia - Boogie Stop Shuffle
Glass/Miglia - Mishima
Radiohead/Abramo – Paranoid Android
Bob Mintzer – “Serenity” from Saxophone Quartet No. 3

Performed within the year:
Pierre Lantier – Andante et allegretto
Lovano/Slagle, ed. Miglia – In the Land of Ephesus
Morton/Sturm - Black Bottom Stomp
Debussy/Mule/Zajac – Pieces from “Children’s Corner”
Grainger/Zajac - Shepherds Hey
C.R. Young – The Warmth of You
Piazzolla/Voirpy – Histoire du tango
Graham Fitkin – STUB
Beethoven/Frascotti – Molto allegro quasi presto

Coming up:
Edward Martin – Stir
Benjamin Dean Taylor - Digital Goldfish
Jennifer Higdon – Short Stories
Amelie Borsari – Prelude et choral varie
Clare Fischer – Blues
Alec Wilder – Saxophone Quartet

In the Archives:
Elliott Cless – ROT
Perry Goldstein – Fault Lines
David Maslanka - Mountain Roads
Wolfram Wagner – Saxophone Quartet No. 2
Caryl Florio – Allegro de concert
Elliot DelBorgo – Saxophone Quartet
Sammy Nestico – A Study in Contrasts
Arthur Frackenpohl - Ragtime Suite
Marty Paich – Toccata in F
Milan Kaderavek – Introduction and Allegro

Dozens of arrangements of jazz, piano rags, rock and pop music, light classical, opera, marches, on and on and on…

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